How We Grow

One of the 1st 100% biological production

The Mottava estate was the 2nd production of lemons in Sicily to receive the full biological production status in 1974.

1 million

30 hectare and more than 13.000 of Feminnello Siracusano plants

The company produces about one million kilos of lemons per year, grown in a biodynamic
way. Our production is entirely organic, we use only organic fertilizers and we fight the
various mealybugs with launches of useful insects such as ladybugs.

Four different fruits per year

100% biodynamic

One of the 1st in Sicily

The Mottava farm was in fact the second in all Sicily to convert to 100% organic production, more than thirty years ago

Steinerian way

Producing according to the biodynamic agriculture as it was conceived by Rudolf Steiner in 1924

25 years member of the Demeter Association

As a result of the work and care we have given to our land we have been a member of the Demeter Association for over 25 years now

Utmost care for land, animals and people

Quality in a sustainable way

The company works with six tractors, a specialized team of pruners and pickers, and a team specifically dedicated to quality control and biodynamic production parameters.

But also, for the respect of nature and for its charm, the company utilizes the power of four horses and a few carriages.

The future is biodynamic/biological through the chain

We are currently gearing up to verticalize the work process, thus ensuring the optimal quality of our products at every stage, from harvest, to sorting, netting and/or boxing, to final sale to the distributor or retailer.

All this, taking into consideration nature and the people that work for and with us.